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As a leading Electronics Manufacturing company, ControlTek has been meeting customer needs with our electronics manufacturing solutions for over thirty years. Whether you require a turnkey electronics solution for your manufacturing production or expertise in one aspect of it, we can deliver across a diverse spectrum of electronics manufacturing requirements.

Our wide range of electronics manufacturing solutions let you decide how we can best partner with you for an optimal production.


Materials Management Made Easy

Improve your manufacturing production by making us your supply chain manager, procurement department, shipping agent, and more. For over forty years, ControlTek has provided creative manufacturing materials management solutions by working closely with customers to determine the strategy that is best for them.

Rely on ControlTek for manufacturing materials management. We provide opportunities for production optimization and cost savings by:

  • Understanding our customers’ business requirements.
  • Coordinating and communicating with customers to make recommendations tailored to their needs.
  • Moving up and down the supply chain making strategic buys.
  • Finding alternatives for obsolete or scarce components.

ControlTek also offers:

  • Bonded Inventory Program: The security and reliability afforded by ControlTek's supply chain management services makes economical sense. Our ability to move up and down the supply chain and place strategic buys for our customers is a key factor in customer retention.
  • Customer Coordination: Understanding our customers' business requirements has been imperative to ControlTek's success. Only through communication, coordination and understanding can we make strategic manufacturing materials management recommendations to our clients.
  • In-House Component Engineering: Our in-house engineers routinely provide purchasing and customer support by suggesting alternatives to obsolete and scarce components. This valuable resource strengthens our purchasing department's ability to source the best possible components.

Lean Manufacturing at ControlTek

ControlTek understands that in order to be competitive, we must ensure efficiency throughout our contract manufacturing organization. For the past three years, we have been deploying Lean Manufacturing techniques and providing training to personnel in this area. We find many of our customers have deployed these same organizational initiatives. Great value can be realized when these mutual systems are integrated.

  • Pull systems
  • In-Plant visual inspection systems
  • KanBan & JIT
  • Customer integrated pull systems