Electronic Manufacturing Services Test Development


Proactive Test Capabilities

Dedicated ControlTek project managers and engineers work up-front with customers to understand their requirements and develop a strategy drawing from a broad toolkit of capabilities in every facet of production. Our staff will help you determine which testing strategy will be the best solution to meet your needs. We work with you to review your options and explain which strategy provides the most benefit based on product volume, test coverage and testing time.

ControlTek test engineers and technical professionals lead the EMS industry with innovative test strategies.

PC Based Systems

The majority of fixtures developed at ControlTek employ LabView and TestStand from National Instruments. This system has provided ControlTek with a reliable and economical avenue for the deployment of functional verification test systems. By utilizing PC based systems, we can use existing software code and test setups to reduce development time and costs. These systems are also very useful in collecting test data which has many uses. By automatically collecting and archiving test and functionality fixtures, we are able to reduce the administrative burden when meeting medical manufacture data requirements. This leads to lower costs to our customers/partners.

The majority of our new designs utilize a PC based functional test platform (

Flying Probe

ControlTek uses the SPEA 4040 Flying Probe system to test components over a wide range of test requirements with a high level of accuracy, helping reducing debug and development time. Flying probe testing benefits low volume and prototype projects, reducing testing development time and keeping overall production costs low while ensuring high quality products are produced. Read more about ControlTek's SPEA Flying Probe.

In-Circuit Testing (ICT)

Higher volume production products may require ControlTek's sophisticated late model HP 3070. This machine is extremely efficient and best used for products requiring low per test cost. 

Test & Calibration

All test data is recorded and backed up on our centralized production tracking and ERP platform. The ControlTek test and calibration program insures our quality assurance equipment is fully operational and working to NIST standards. ControlTek fully supports test results with professional verification and validation documentation.

Functional Fixtures

For low to medium volume products, functional fixtures are the strategy of choice. Our engineers and technicians work closely with customers to develop test fixtures that simulate device operating environments and can provide 100% verification of functionality. Just inspecting or verifying components does not determine if the end product will actually work. Our goal is to deliver working products to our customers, not just correctly manufactured units that may or may not function.

Design for Test (DFT)

If a product design considers testing up front, test development will be significantly easier and less costly. Test coverage will be much higher leading to the better assurance that the delivered product works. Identifying non-functional product is only a portion of the test operation mission. Feedback to manufacturing--what is going well and what needs improvement--is essential. Without feedback, improvement (and efficiency and lower costs) cannot be achieved.