Building Your Product Better, Faster, and Cheaper: Agility Fuel Systems


A company with expertise in creating alternative fuel systems had plenty of mechanical engineering skill, but they needed EMS expertise. Their new electronic controller for a natural gas fuel system was expensive to produce and took too long to manufacture.

The sub-optimal safety control module design required unique expertise to fix and this firm needed an EMS provider with enough breadth and depth of experience to solve the problem.

If forced to use multiple vendors to source the necessary components, the production lead times would be too long.

The customer base demanded the new controller. A solution was required and a partner was found.

ControlTek had the expertise to improve the product design and analyze the production requirements, then swiftly deliver on those requirements. They knew how to make the safety control module better than its original design. Better. Cheaper. Faster.


ControlTek immediately identified ways to solve problems with the electronic controller, and then executed on those solutions using a cooperative multi-disciplined process.

Design Improvement

Engineers at ControlTek worked to improve the design, resulting in reduced cost drivers and a streamlined manufacturing process. By changing the design concept, the need for machining was eliminated. ControlTek specified a custom plastic injection mold enclosure that saved money over the original ‘off the shelf’ concept.

Cable harnessing eliminated the need for ‘flying’ connectors, thus rendering the controller less cumbersome. The ability to deliver a new design and a documented prototype differentiated ControlTek from many of its competitors lacking the capability to do so.

Rapid Execution

Facing a tight schedule, ControlTek quickly produced prototypes to prove the design concept. Calling on years of experience and depth of expertise, ControlTek personnel worked closely with the client to determine the optimal manufacturing requirements.

The collaboration resulted in additional design input before transitioning to the production phase of the custom cable assemblies and creation of a test system. All of this was accomplished during production rollout in a short time frame.

Supporting JIT Manufacturing

ControlTek designed the supply chain to support Just In Time (JIT) deliveries. With a toolbox thirty years in the making, ControlTek was able to tailor a supply chain solution that met the electronic controller’s delivery requirements. The supply chain strategy for the electronic controller included leveraging purchasing power, sourcing for replacements of obsolete or scarce components, and deploying Lean Manufacturing techniques to improve efficiency.


Better. Cheaper. Faster. The electronic controller was once a headache. With the help of ControlTek it is now a competitive differentiator. Each week full unit orders now ship directly from ControlTek to customers.

Realizing Success

With ControlTek as a single source provider for the electronic controller, the client benefi

  • A More Durable Product – The plastic injection molded enclosure ensured reliability in harsh conditions.</li>
  • Streamlined Product - Replacing the ‘flying connectors’ created a more elegant design and a more efficient product. Change to connectors is real streamline.</li>
  • JIT Deliveries – Supply Chain Design improved efficiency and reduced risk.</li> 
  • Reduced Costs – Original unit production cost was $110. Now it is $59.</li></ul>

ControlTek helped turn a crisis management situation into an opportunity for product and production improvements their client didn’t think were possible.