Dedicated To Your Big Idea


How does a company lacking infrastructure and resources turn an innovative concept into a proven, scalable, will-call retrieval solution for the retail pharmaceutical industry?


Develop a scalable cost effective solution able to uniquely identify, track, store, and retrieve every prescription, regardless of complexity or fill location.

Find an EMS provider/partner  capable of producing every component from delicate electronics to large cabinet hardware:

  • Providing long term design support;
  • Handling a complicated integration with hundreds of potential configurations; and
  • Managing a large and diverse component inventory.
  • Providing infrastructure and resource on an as needed basis.


GSL Solutions  partnered with ControlTek who then deployed its arsenal of EMS capabilities  to meet every challenge presented during the transition from concept to production:

  • Design Expertise: ControlTek engineered a design that accommodated custom configurations while recognizing cost drivers.
  • Prototyping: ContolTek deployed its proven design-build methodology during prototyping.
  • Integrated Manufacturing: ControlTek worked with GSL to meet unique production requirements.
  • Testing: ControlTek developed proactive test strategies to ensure quality.
  • Direct Shipment: ControlTek became GSL Solutions’ Shipping Department

Realizing Success

As a result of partnering with ControlTek, GSL now delivers cabinets to pharmacies located on US Armed Services Military Bases, in Safeway Stores, and at Kaiser Permanente Medical Facilities.

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