Dedicated To Your Big Idea - ControlTek & GSL Solutions Revolutionize the Pharmacy


Business Challenges

In 2004, GSL Solutions was a small operation endeavoring to realize its big idea: Develop a scalable will-call retrieval system for retail pharmacies that would fill prescriptions faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost. The collaboration with ControlTek began early in the prototype stage when it was clear to GSL they would need an expert EMS partner to succeed.

At this stage, GSL needed to concentrate on marketing its complex and ambitious product, not managing many  single source vendors. GSL turned to ControlTek, an EMS provider with substantial experience in product design, prototype, manufacture, and test. Confident in their product, GSL knew they’d also need the ability to scale their manufacturing to meet increasing demand. This meant GSL needed a manufacturing partner to grow with them.

GSL was developing a complex product requiring significant development support, a complicated integration with hundreds of configurations, and a component inventory not easily managed. Expertise wasn’t all they required. GSL also needed a partner just as dedicated to the product’s success as they were.


After GSL selected ControlTek to prototype and assist with the manufacture of the IntelliCab, their partnership with ControlTek evolved into a unique partnership destined to meet every challenge, overcome every obstacle, and realize success with a revolutionary in-demand product.

Design Expertise

Over a period of years, ControlTek partnered with GSL to ensure an evolving product concept maintained a visionary design. ControlTek ensured the design would accommodate custom configurations, recognize cost drivers, adhere to manufacturing requirements, and pass rigorous quality testing.


To ensure all aspects of manufacturability were considered, ControlTek implemented its proven design-build methodology during prototyping. Whether it was predicting materials support requirements or ensuring the testability of the end product, ControlTek supported GSL throughout the prototyping phase.

Integrated Manufacturing

ControlTek worked with GSL to meet their unique production needs. By providing dedicated production capacity and space in ControlTek’s corporate offices for GSL technical personnel, it helped optimize both the production and on-site installation. Finished cabinets were configured for installation by GSL and shipped from the ControlTek warehouse to the installation site.

Supply Chain Management

With an integrated production process already in place, ControlTek was ready to use their deep supply chain management experience to support a significant increase in production volume. Experienced ControlTek program managers have enabled rapid, cost effective, high volume production culminating in two install-ready cabinet shipments per month.

Rigorous Testing of a Complex Product

Testing the IntelliCab system could not be an afterthought in the overall production process. ControlTek developed proactive test strategies to accommodate the near-limitless combination of possible system configurations. This comprehensive testing provided both manufacturing process improvement feedback and product quality assurance.


The close relationship between ControlTek and GSL is a partnership ensuring future scalability and innovation as volume of cabinet production is expected to increase significantly this year. According to Steve Garrett, CTO of GSL, "Our partnership with ControlTek was crucial to turning our concept into a proven scalable solution for retail pharmacies. We couldn’t have done it without them."

An Innovative Product Evolves

The recent introduction of the IntelliCab was made possible by a collaborative partnership and continuous improvement of the original product line. By incorporating wireless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to the overall solution, prescriptions arriving from central fill locations are verified in seconds rather than hours. Garrett adds, “We knew we could rely on ControlTek to deliver on production requirements, and that freed us up to work on expanding the product’s features.”