Let ControlTek Be Your Production Facility, Procurement Office, and Shipping Department: Control Products, Inc.


Business Challenges

Control Products, Inc. (CPI) and ControlTek began their partnership in 2000 when CPI required help with the design of their Surface Patrol™ thermal sensor. Already under competitive pressure in the design phase, CPI needed expert help to make the product more robust.

The thermal sensor also required complex testing and design innovation with an eye toward cost drivers. ControlTek offered extensive experience in design, prototype, test, and manufacturing.

As the design progressed, the number of potential configurations grew. Component requirements became more diverse. CPI needed an EMS partner able to manage changing supply chain needs.

CPI and ControlTek started out on a design improvement project. They became partners in every aspect of the thermal sensor’s product management.


From the outset, ControlTek worked closely with CPI to optimize the thermal sensor product design, improve manufacturability, and reduce cost drivers by considering supply chain strategy in that early phase.

The design process uncovered an issue with interference from radio signals. The design was changed to remedy the problem, illustrating that ControlTek’s proven methodology is indeed a formidable differentiator.

Design Transition

ControlTek and CPI personnel integrated to maximize impact of ControlTek’s EMS expertise and CPI’s industry knowledge. This enabled CPI to direct its focus externally, comfortable in the knowledge their product was in good hands.

With the objective of forging a long lasting relationship aimed at continuous product improvement, the thermal sensor transitioned from the design phase into prototyping and initial low volume manufacturing.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

As the thermal sensor neared production, ControlTek program managers shepherded the process, ensuring documentation gathered during earlier phases could be translated into a successful NPI. This adherence to detail made it possible to proactively plan for manufacturing, materials management, quality assurance and testing.

Collaborative Manufacturing

With the thermal sensor in production, ControlTek employed its proven process for maintaining information flow to and from every stakeholder. To ensure a continuously improving process, the team members consistently fostered information transfer between the customer, engineering, materials management, program management, and manufacturing personnel.

Supply Chain Management

ControlTek used its broad supply chain management experience to source components needed for the numerous different thermal sensor kit configurations CPI required. Experienced ControlTek program managers worked directly with both customers and suppliers, enabling agile supply chain management and reducing cost drivers.


The ControlTek and CPI partnership created so much trust that CPI put their product in ControlTek’s hands from receipt of purchase order to customer shipment.

Direct Fulfillment

Making ControlTek responsible for the entire order fulfillment process has enabled CPI to focus its resources on crucial M&A initiatives needed to position the company for the future. CPI’s President said this, “ControlTek has the rare ability to design my product, produce prototypes, build production units then provide outstanding technical support – all with superior capability and service. Even after NPI, ControlTek continued to develop innovate solutions that have significantly enhanced product value.”