Let ControlTek Be Your Production Facility, Procurement Office, and Shipping Department


Can a new product make it to market even if it faces pricing and feature enhancement pressure in the early stages of design?


Make a product more robust and cost effective while still in the design phase. Even in the early stages of their product life cycle, it was clear Control Products, Inc. (CPI) needed an EMS expert capable of:

  • Optimizing the design while being mindful of cost drivers;
  • Adapting to changing requirement throughout design transition; and
  • Managing rapidly evolving supply chain requirements.


CPI sought a design consultant and instead found a long term solutions partner who provided competitive advantage throughout the production process:

  • Design Transition – ControlTek has years of experience moving new designs through new product initiation.
  • New Product Introduction – A solid introduction to manufacturing is crucial for any product.
  • Collaborative Manufacturing – Close communication between all stakeholders ensures continues improvement throughout the production process.
  • Supply Chain Management – Experienced program managers provide agile supply chain management with an eye towards product cost drivers.

Realizing Success

ControlTek is now responsible for directly fulfilling customer orders of the thermal sensor, allowing the customer to focus its resources on maintaining viability in a rapidly evolving industry.

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