Supporting Your Product Throughout its Life Cycle



When key components for a popular legacy product  are no longer available, how can you extend that product’s life cycle?


Solve a difficult real-time problem with long-term ramifications:

  • Existing inventory had dwindled, creating a hard deadline for producing a re-designed product.
  • Break-even point for return on product re-design investment had to be in the near horizon.
  • Solution for current component shortage needed to minimize similar vulnerability in the future.

ControlTek provided EMS expertise  where needed to:

  • Optimize design by focusing on readily available parts and custom components from ControlTek.
  • Create a functional, cost-effective prototype in the time available.
  • Leverage ControlTek’s supply chain management capabilities to ensure long-term availability of necessary components.

Realizing Success

Tomorrow’s product was built without sacrificing today’s quality, dependability, or cost effectiveness .

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