EMS Testing and Test Development

Why Test?

ControlTek creates custom test strategies to ensure your product is fully functional before it’s delivered to your customer. Who wants to experience the lost time, added costs or damage to a reputation that faulty products can cause? Our engineers have mastered the art of designing a functional test that meets your product requirements without adding significant cost to the manufacturing process.

The Value of a Clear Testing Plan

Without fully testing all aspects of your product, how can you be sure it will work as intended? A well defined test strategy will provide you with the confidence you need to minimize your risk so you can rest easy knowing your finished product will work correctly.

As your trusted manufacturing partner, we listen to you and create the test plan you need to minimize your risk so you know your finished product will work as intended. Time and again we have shown that having the right test plan in place, especially early in the product development process, reduces fallout, rework and those embarrassing phone calls to the customer.

Does your manufacturer offer the testing your product needs to ensure they will work in the real world? Few competitors have the knowledge and resources you’ll find at ControlTek. 

View all of ControlTek's EMS test capabilities.

The strategy of choice for low to medium volume products, functional fixtures simulate a device’s operating environment to provide 100% verification of functionality. Our functional fixtures are created utilizing our in-house 3D printing and CNC capabilities for fast, efficient testing.

The SPEA 4040 Flying Probe system tests PCB components without the added cost of a test fixture. ControlTek takes advantage of flying probe for low volume and prototype projects, keeping overall production costs low.


ControlTek's proprietary universal test equipment (C.U.T.E.) provides reliable and economical functional verification testing. Boundary scan provides the equivalent of in-circuit testing without the expense and complexity of a bed-of-nails fixture. Learn more about the C.U.T.E. PC-based testing system.


Early involvement of test development in your product design means easier and more affordable production testing. Design for Test provides more opportunities to create “hooks” to talk to the product and provide evidence of a working device during production test.



ControlTek’s calibration program verifies the accuracy of our precision test and measurement equipment to the highest level. The reliability of our test and measurement instruments can be trusted to execute your test strategy effectively.