AirAdvice for Homes Finds a Longterm Manufacturing Partner at ControlTek


About AirAdvice for Homes

AirAdvice for Homes got its start in the Pacific Northwest during the 1990s. The company designs and manufactures the AirAdvice Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor, an electronic device that quickly tests and analyzes indoor air for particles and volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) that go undetected by sight or smell. The AirAdvice IAQ Monitor portfolio of products is for sale in the Residential Contracting, Government, and Healthcare markets.

ControlTek’s Technical Manufacturing and Engineering Services

The team at AirAdvice for Homes has enjoyed a ten-year partnership with ControlTek, combining ControlTek’s extensive technical manufacturing and engineering services with the company’s own in-house engineering capabilities.

AirAdvice Co-Founder and lead engineer Meindert Kleefstra has worked closely with ControlTek manufacturing and engineering staff throughout the lifespan of the company, utilizing ControlTek’s formal manufacturing review and product design services including software and firmware as part of the product improvement process. With each new version of the AirAdvice IAQ Monitor, the company has utilized ControlTek design engineering capabilities to help them execute new design changes:

"Working with a partner like ControlTek has made it easier to make changes while simultaneously developing the testing we need to get our always evolving products to market quickly.”

Kleefstra in particular enjoys working through the product improvement process with ControlTek. The longstanding nature of the relationship provides him with the additional support he needs while also ensuring he retains control of his product design. The end result is a streamlined product improvement process that takes less time while providing appropriate solutions for out-of-date components.

The most recent devices have made Indoor Air Quality testing a 30-minute process from start to finish, something that used to take 48 hours and two trips to the test site location. The sensors work by gathering test data onsite and sending that data via cellular connection to Air Advice servers, where it’s analyzed and entered into a report that’s emailed to the user.

The monitors have had a major impact in the residential contracting industry in particular, where contractors use the handheld devices to immediately test and uncover potential issues at their customers’ homes that their services can alleviate.

Why the team at AirAdvice for Homes chose ControlTek:

  • ControlTek continues to support the evolution of AirAdvice’s product offerings, helping the company look towards the future at new advancements that can improve their products, such as adding WiFi capabilities field-replaceable sensors.
  • With products both complex and constantly evolving, AirAdvice CEO Don Aultman believes that by choosing a local manufacturing partner, his products receive more careful attention to detail, are produced at higher quality, and enjoy faster turnaround times and more reliable delivery.
  • ControlTek’s internal capabilities have made product improvements faster and simpler, with prototype support that allows the company to troubleshoot any issues long before final production begins.

At ControlTek, the IAQ monitors’ product firmware is loaded and EMS testing completed prior to shipment. The Air Advice team then completes final assembly and calibration of the monitors in-house.

The relationship between AirAdvice for Homes and ControlTek is built on combining our mutual strengths to provide successful ongoing advancement of AirAdvice products. 

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