Capability Meets Efficiency With Circuit Assembly at ControlTek


Juki machine for printed circuit board manufacturing


It’s no secret that lasting partnerships are what we strive for here at ControlTek (read more about ControlTek’s Vision for building partnerships with customers, suppliers, our employees and community in our About section). We believe only these partnerships bring the most value for our customers and for our company.

But these partnerships wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t backed by some of the industry’s most comprehensive and competitive electronics manufacturing services available throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Printed circuit board assembly (or PCB Assembly as it’s sometimes called) is a huge part of that. This is why we ensure the highest quality for our printed circuit boards using the most current manufacturing equipment and by running flexible manufacturing set-ups with operators who work directly with IPC 610 trainers.

Flexible manufacturing is another key component to electronics manufacturing success at ControlTek. Throughout the manufacturing process, we want to ensure our customers receive optimal production with as little waste as possible. This is why ControlTek frequently holds Kaizen events in combination with our other Lean Manufacturing efforts in order to improve our processes, speed up production, and bring products to market faster.

ControlTek’s circuit assembly services include Surface Mount Assembly, mounting components directly onto printed circuit boards, and through-hole technology which threads components through holes before soldering them to the back of the circuit board. All of our processes are designed in-house by ControlTek’s expert manufacturing engineers and include quick-turn and planned production.

Get detailed information about any of our circuit assembly services or let us answer any of our electronic manufacturing services questions by contacting us directly.


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