Choosing a Manufacturer with In-house Design: Do or Don’t?


ControlTek production floor

Ever wondered if it really makes a difference whether your manufacturer also has an in-house engineering team? In our 46 year history, we’ve seen many positions on either side of this argument. We’ve also seen just how ControlTek’s integrated manufacturing and engineering services have benefited ControlTek customers.

Below you’ll find our ‘short-list’ of just what your products have to gain by choosing a contract manufacturer with integrated design and engineering capabilities.

1. Shared Knowledge

Ever hear the old saying two heads are better than one? It turns out that’s also true when it comes to engineering and manufacturing. Each group brings its own technical expertise to the table; when our design and manufacturing staff work closely on a regular basis, we make it easier for them to cross-share that expertise in order to solve your design and manufacturing challenges. This ensures completed designs are ready for successful production. 

2. Speedy Resolution

We'll be honest. No matter how hard you plan, the day will eventually come when a tricky production issue arises, and it’s to your advantage to get those issues solved quickly. With in-house engineering, a quick consult with design staff can often lead to fast root cause identification and rapid issue resolution.

By integrating ControlTek’s design and manufacturing processes, we also create a more uniform life cycle process. This integration can dramatically improve coordination and create less space for issues to fall between the cracks as designs are handed off to production.

3. Single Point of Contact

With a single point of contact, you can enjoy a simpler approach to vendor management AND make sure you get holistic support, whether that’s related to design, manufacturing, or testing. One call instead of three can free up a lot of time, which we all could use more of.

At ControlTek, we are here to help you design, and build, great products and solve your design and production challenges. We have found our uniquely integrated design engineering and electronics manufacturing capabilities to be the best way we can make sure our customers find success.


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