Client Spotlight: JUGS SPORTS Batting Machine Takes Home 2016 Best in Show


Microprocessor Control and RF Remote

ControlTek Engineering and Manufacturing partner JUGS SPORTS continues to gain wide-scale recognition for the company’s new advanced batting practice machines. The change-up machines offer users a variety of pitches designed to test players’ mettle, giving them an opportunity to practice hitting at different speeds and distances during a single session. The new machine is especially notable for its microprocessor controlled motor’s silent speed changes--ensuring players aren’t able to use audio clues to figure out what pitch is coming for them next--and for its easy radio frequency (RF) remote control operation.

New Product Development

ControlTek engineers worked closely with JUGS internal team throughout new product development, providing suggestions that could improve on the original product design and prepare the machines for more efficient production. These improvements were then coupled with ControlTek’s quality manufacturing processes for an excellent finished product.

The results? Hugely successful! The patent-pending machines are quickly becoming favorites of coaches everywhere. To top it off, this past January, JUGS SPORTS batting machines took home best-in-show from Collegiate Baseball’s Nashville ABCA Convention.

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