Component Shortages Persist - Here's How You Can Help Combat Longer Lead Times


Electronic Component Shortages Continue in 2018

Late last summer, we informed you of market conditions that were creating longer lead times for some components.

As we move through 2018 we continue to see component lead times grow and prices climb as growing demand puts a strain on supplier resources. Although the industry is hard at work to address this market shift, the changes will take time. We expect to see these conditions continue well into 2019.

Steps We Are Taking at ControlTek

ControlTek is taking several steps to mitigate the impact of these sourcing challenges, including:

  • Placing strategic orders where demand is high or part availability is constrained.
  • Providing additional transparency for suppliers to ensure they are prepared for what’s ahead.
  • Leveraging our engineering expertise to collaborate with customers on alternative sustaining solutions, from cross-sourcing components to layout and design changes.

We encourage you to review your current and forecasted orders with our team. Now is an excellent time to place larger orders when possible. This added visibility will allow us to provide greater transparency to our suppliers so they can prepare for the future. If you have a new design, you can send the BOM to ControlTek for a BOM review, including lifecycle and lead-time analysis.

While these conditions persist, we will be available to answer questions and discuss possible solutions. Please contact ControlTek for more information.

-Sean Neill, V.P. of Operations


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