The Conflict Minerals Reporting Deadline Has Passed. Is Your Business Ready?


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June 2nd has come and gone, and that means the deadline for public businesses to file their conflict minerals reporting information is now past.

The deadline came after a federal appeals court rejected an emergency delay request filed by business groups last month to delay the SEC deadline to file. This followed an April ruling that removed some of the necessary filing information, stating the provision violated the First Amendment.

So we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in recent months as businesses struggle to meet the filing requirements, which to-date still require businesses to determine whether their supply chain includes minerals from areas in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo whose proceeds are going to fund warlords and armed conflicts in the region.

The ruling is asking businesses to complete their due diligence in this area, and for those businesses who haven’t completed their reporting just yet, there are still several resources available to assist with the sometimes complex process.

Electronic manufacturing companies use all of the four metals during production, and ControlTek, though not a public company, has taken a proactive approach to assist our manufacturing partners who are under requirements to file their findings.

Available resources to help include the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, or EICC, as well as the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines.

Get more information and view ControlTek’s Conflict Mineral Policy here.

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