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Control Products Thermal Sensor

"ControlTek has the rare ability to design my product, produce prototypes, build production units and then provide outstanding technical support - all with superior capability and service. Even after NPI, ControlTek continued to develop innovative solutions that have significantly enhanced my products value."

- Ed Renden, President, Control Products

ControlTek understands that the transition from design to actual production is key to the success of any project. The ControlTek team has successfully brought products from design to production for over 30 years.

Whether it is a notion on a napkin or complete document package, our proven processes ensure your product will transition smoothly to full production on schedule and with the highest quality standards.

ControlTek was able to assist Control Products in successfully bringing their product to market by employing the following:

Design Transition: Moving new designs to production through New Product Initiation (NPI) is key to the success of any project. For this reason, ControlTek assigns program managers and design engineers to every project. These seasoned professionals take extra effort to integrate our customers into the ControlTek organization. Our objective is to forge long-lasting relationships with our customers through superior communication and goal attainment. With years of experience and continuous process improvement, ControlTek can successfully move your design to manufacture.

  • Prototypes
  • Initial low volume manufacturing
  • Quick turn requirements

New Product Introduction: A solid introduction to manufacturing is vital for any project. The following are examples of the required data outlined at the beginning of a project not as an afterthought.

Manufacturing Feedback: Communication before, during and after the manufacturing process is essential. ControlTek's standard processes include (and encourage) information transfer between the customer, engineering, material management, program management and manufacturing personnel.

Technical Support: Our highly qualified in-house staff understands how the product works and has the ability to communicate technical information to our customers.

Long Term Customer Support: ControlTek's 30-plus years of supporting our customers products is proof that we deliver. What ever it takes, we are always ready to assist.

  • Warranty & Repair
  • Field Support
  • Supplemental Services


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