ControlTek Expands Custom Cable Assembly Capabilities With New Fully Automated Crimp Center


With the addition of a new fully automated crimp center, ControlTek has expanded our competitive cable assembly services to prepare for growing demand for custom cable and wire harness assembly.

Demand for electrical cable design and assembly has never been hotter, and that can be a problem if you’re an electronics manufacturing customer. 

There are several market factors contributing to this growth. In the consumer automotive market, electric vehicles continue to gain traction; OEMs frequently include these components to assist with connectivity, EV architecture and software. Likewise, larger market trends in robotics, manufacturing, and IoT play an important role in growing demand.

To address these changing market conditions and better meet the needs of ControlTek customers, we have added a new fully automated Schleuniger 36 S Crimp Center at our manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Washington. We selected the Schleunige because of its speed, capacity, and flexibility, as well as the Schleuniger company’s excellent reputation in the industry. 

We have already seen a dramatic rise in demand for custom cable assemblies over the past two years. The new Crimp Center has greatly increased throughput and efficiency, allowing us to provide more competitive quotes for our cable assembly customers.

ControlTek's Custom Cable Assembly Services

The new crimp center is used to cut, strip, tin, and seal wire assemblies in a variety of wire gauges. The new machine is integrated with ControlTek’s other custom electronics manufacturing services, but will also allow us to pursue cable-only projects.

“Traditionally, our cable assembly services have been offered as an integrated capability,” said ControlTek VP of Operations Sean Neill. "With the added throughput and lower costs associated with automated assembly processes, we can also assist cable contractors who are having a hard time keeping up with industry demand.”

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