ControlTek Has a New Company Website!


ControlTek new website


We are very proud to announce the launch of ControlTek's new interactive website! The site was designed to provide users with information customized to their own interests, a collaborative venture between ControlTek, Portland interactive agency Outlier Solutions, Inc. and technical content strategists Word Lions, LLC.

“ControlTek has a unique story that sets them apart from other manufacturers in the industry," said Outlier principal Ben Friedle. "Teaming up with ControlTek and Word Lions, we designed a site that reflects the qualities that make ControlTek such a powerful manufacturing partner for their clients.”

The new site is a complete overhaul of our old website, and features interactive graphics and an original “choose your own adventure” style homepage navigation. The storylines provide insight into ControlTek’s robust electronics manufacturing and design engineering capabilities while focusing on the information that purchasers, engineers and executives need.

“ControlTek has a unique and compelling story,” said Word Lions Principal Joel Barker. “The Word Lions team felt that telling their story demanded a website with content as unique and exciting as they are. The final website really reflects the talents and passion of the ControlTek team.”        

This dedication is reflected throughout our integrated manufacturing and design engineering services catering to high-mix, low volume manufacturing and providing support throughout the design and production process.  A well-documented and comprehensive quality system helps us ensure all products made at ControlTek meet customer requirements for reliable operation.

Our President Andy LaFrazia notes the importance of understanding how people look for information: “The new website gives our customers the opportunity to explore all our services and gives them what they need to make informed decisions. We wanted to zero in on the different ways our customers gather information, reaching audiences at various levels so it’s easy to locate what they need from a high level view or a detailed description of our processes.”

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