ControlTek Video: New Jet Soldering at ControlTek Adds Speed, Accuracy to Workflow


jet soldering at ControlTek

The MYDATA 600 Jet Solder Printer

ControlTek has recently added to our soldering capabilities with the new MYDATA 600 jet solder printer. The jet soldering process is low-cost, flexible, accurate, and environmentally friendly. The technology is similar to--and in fact developed from--ink jet printing. Applied to electronics manufacturing, solder jet printing yields efficient and accurate results. Solder jet printing is capable of producing and placing molten solder droplets, 25-125µm in diameter, at rates up to 2,000 per second.


Solder jet printing is completely software-driven, allowing an unprecedented amount of control and modularity to the soldering process. Highly complex circuit boards can be soldered with perfectly optimized levels of solder distribution.

“One of the benefits we’re really seeing is the ability to change on the fly to get a solder joint to work better.” - Andy Lafrazia, ControlTek President

Another legacy issue of traditional solder methods that’s addressed by solder jet printing is solder joint quality. The ability to apply solder in variable amounts across a board successfully can be challenging using traditional stencils. By providing full control over the application of paste using jet solder printing, solder joint quality is dramatically improved. Paste volume is distributed precisely, ensuring the highest quality solder joints. In addition, making adjustments to solder application on-the-fly provides an even higher level of control while preventing waste in the solder assembly process.

The addition of jet solder printing is yet another example of ControlTek’s commitment to continuous improvement, making things better for our customers, our industry, and our staff.

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