ControlTek's Custom Cable Assembly Creates Value for Industry Partners


Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Cable Assembly and Cable Harness Design

Cable assembly and cable harness design provides several key benefits for your electronic products. Not only does a well-designed cable harness save what is often much-needed space within a product assembly, it also helps to protect and secure your cables in applications that are exposed to a lot of vibration or other stressors like heat or water during operation. This can greatly reduce your potential risk for faulty or defective finished electronic products.

At ControlTek, our cable assembly services are utilized by a wide range of industries for a huge variety of products, from Industrial products and Medical devices to sensitive components used in the Aviation/Space and Defense industry. For many of these customers, the biggest benefit of all comes from the opportunity to leverage ControlTek’s own investments in tool and die management, including:

  • Automatic strip
  • Termination
  • Testing equipment

Taking advantage of our full cable assembly manufacturing capabilities allows ControlTek customers to save time and money while also receiving the benefits of our highly trained and knowledgeable cable assemblers.

Learn more! Visit our Cable Assembly page or contact ControlTek today to let us answer any of your cable assembly questions.

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