Customer Success: Manufacturing and Design Expertise Combine to Tackle A Tough Customer Challenge


Customer Success Technical Knowledge and Expertise

Technical Knowledge and Expertise

When ControlTek's customer began to experience an increase in failures during test, our experts put their technical knowledge and experience to work to quickly identify and solve the problem. 

With no obvious root cause in sight, Principal Engineer Mike Hagen was called in to troubleshoot. Utilizing in-depth circuit and failure analysis, he was able to identify the source of the problem. Fortunately for the customer, the solution was both simple and cheap, requiring just a small change to the BOM.

What's at Stake

A problem like this could have meant long delays and rising costs. With ControlTek’s combined manufacturing and design expertise, the path to finding and solving was much more efficient.

This is just one of many examples of the value of working with a contract manufacturer with strong design capabilities. 

The Result

Thanks to Mike and the rest of the engineering team, the customer's product failure rate was reduced from 30% down to zero!

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