Early Involvement Leads to Successful EMS Test Development


EMS Testing is one of the most important aspects of any electronics manufacturing project. During the course of product development, testing ensures that all product requirements are met and high quality products will be delivered.

When choosing an EMS test strategy, it’s important to get involved as early as possible in the design process. By considering testing early on, ControlTek can help you get better test coverage while reducing EMS testing costs and speeding up the testing process.

What factors should you consider when choosing an EMS Test Development strategy?

  • Product volume: Product volume will play a large part in choosing an EMS test strategy because the costs of some testing fixtures can be high, meaning higher volumes may be more useful for offsetting those costs. ControlTek’s In-Circuit Testing (ICT), for example, is beneficial for higher volume production since higher volume projects can balance the costs of necessary test fixtures.
  • Test coverage: Every product has its own set of testing requirements. Understanding the level of test coverage you’ll need is crucial when it comes time to decide on a testing strategy. For industries requiring a strict data requirements like those needed for medical product development, ControlTek’s PC-based systems can be helpful since these systems automatically collect and archive test data.
  • Test time: Your product development timeline will help us discern which EMS test is best suited for your products. Some tests, such as the SPEA Flying Probe, require more time to complete testing.

Learn more about ControlTek’s EMS Test Development and find out how Design for Test can help you reduce costs while providing better test coverage. Our project managers and engineers can help answer any questions you help you find the best testing solution for your product.

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