Get More Out of Your Product Designs with Design Engineering at ControlTek


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At ControlTek we understand that successful production begins with a well-defined design engineering process. ControlTek customers don’t just need a finished design; they need a finished design that offers them a feeling of security knowing that the end product will meet their requirements for high-quality production capable of withstanding rigorous testing and end use.

When working with ControlTek, our customers will receive the benefits of working with a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers. From initial feasibility to final production or even life cycle maintenance, ControlTek engineers are capable of properly addressing all potential challenges for a product’s design.

Utilize ControlTek’ design engineering resources for all of your design needs, or simply for collaboration with your internal engineering staff, and realize the full advantages of our Design Engineering process:

  • Maximize quality with integrated manufacturing and design: ControlTek's quality system is externally audited and certified to ISO: 13845 and AS9100D, and meets requirements as defined by the FDA for complex medical product design.
  • Minimize risk and safeguard your designs: Ours is a well-defined, step by step design engineering process that uses industry standard tools to deliver complete and professional documentation of your finished design. At each step, checkpoints protect your design from going forward without addressing design or manufacturing complexities.
  • Your product, your design: At the end of the design engineering process, our team supplies all professional design documentation to our customers. Your products are now ready for production, wherever you choose for manufacture.

Visit our Design Engineering section to find out how ControlTek can help you prepare for successful production and increase your opportunity for competitive advantage in your market with our embedded firmware and software, circuit board design, and mechanical design services.

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