It's in the Details: Box Build Assembly at ControlTek


For many electronics products, final product assembly will require box build services as well as circuit and cable harness design and assembly.

Box Build Assembly at ControlTek

That's why ControlTek’s turnkey electronics manufacturing also includes box build assembly, whether that means a simple injection molded enclosure or more complex custom box build assembly. Our in-house box build services make it fast and easy to complete every stage of your production and fulfillment, without the need to ship products elsewhere for final assembly. This can help speed up your production schedule and save you money.

Our in-house box build assembly process stands out because, over the last forty years, we’ve discovered that attention to some of the finer details can make a huge difference to our customers. That’s why ControlTek’s box build assembly services also include important details like assembly instructions and even cosmetic specifications for packaging or other product requirements to get them ready to be shipped for our consumer electronics and other industry partners.

This attention to detail benefits our customers in many ways, which is why we continue to offer mechanical assembly and custom box build assembly as well as our other specialty services like conformal coating and epoxy encapsulation to help prepare your products for end use.

Want to learn more about box build assembly at ControlTek? Contact us today to learn more about box build assembly and any of our other electronics manufacturing services.


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