"The Making of the Re Video" at ControlTek


NewKinetix Re

We recently manufactured the RÄ“ IR Universal Remote Control for a fellow Portland area company, NewKinetix, LLC. The RÄ“ is a plug-in attachment that transforms your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch into a user-friendly, full-featured universal remote control.

As a start up company introducing a new product to the world, NewKinetix and the RÄ“ project presented some fun challenges, in particular, integrating a unique IR component and APPLE specific connectors and interface under a budget and time frame for unfamiliar factors. The RÄ“ has become quite successful since they launched the product in 2010, as NewKinetix has now sold thousands of units!

We always enjoy the process of creating a new product - the challenge of working with prototypes to meet cost and lead time goals, early testing, and getting the supply chain streamlined.

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We hope you enjoy the video!


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