Medical Manufacturing is a Team Effort at ControlTek


ControlTek medical manufacturing

Medical manufacturing is one of the fastest-growing manufacturing industries, but it’s certainly not without unique challenges.

At ControlTek, our design engineering, project management and contract manufacturing teams are all highly experienced with the often complex requirements as identified by the FDA.

Learn more about medical device manufacturing at ControlTek.

Our medical design process meets FDA requirements as well as supporting 510k and IEC provisions, and our design process includes multiple checkpoints throughout product development that are built into each stage to ensure your medical products get to market as quickly as possible while still adhering to strict quality standards.

Learn more - read a case study following the design and manufacturing experience of RS Medical, maker of electrotherapy devices.

ControlTek Medical Test Development

Our team at ControlTek believes that being proactive is the key to any successful medical product test development strategy. Getting involved early with design and manufacturing partners makes it possible to build testing strategie directly into the process early on, saving considerable time over the course of production. Many of ControlTek’s medical manufacturing customers have taken advantage of ControlTek’s test fixture validation, during which ControlTek staff take test fixtures for medical products through the same rigorous risk assessment and testing validation that is required for both test fixtures and medical devices.

Watch a short video with ControlTek Andy LaFrazia as he reviews ControlTek’s Medical Test Development capabilities.

Want to know how ControlTek’s medical manufacturing experience can be put to use for your next medical project? Contact us today to learn more about any of our medical design and manufacturing services.


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