MISTI and JSP Grants Create New Training Opportunities for ControlTek Employees


ControlTek manufacturing facility

ControlTek’s Kaizen events are just one way our contract manufacturing company is working towards its Lean Manufacturing goals. ControlTek is also investing in employee and management training initiatives made possible in part through grants received from the Washington Job Skills Program and the Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council.

The JSP grant has helped ControlTek fund Lean 101 training for the entire ControlTek electronics manufacturing organization, from PCB assembly workers on the floor to top management. This training continues through the end of 2013 and also includes Lean English Essentials, additional training for ControlTek employees for whom English is a second language. The Essentials course provides “essential” training in Lean terminology and key learning points.

“Each ControlTek employee undergoes this training, providing all employees with a general understanding of Lean Manufacturing ideology, which we then reinforce with events like ControlTek's Kaizen workshops,” VP of Marketing and HR Stacey LaFrazia Smith says.

The MISTI (Metro In Sourcing Training Initiative) grant offered ControlTek the opportunity to train our Program Managers in all aspects of electronics manufacturing solutions – from customer service and operations to accounting and finance. The MISTI grant was awarded to the SWWDC which then divided funds among several SW Washington businesses. The goal of the MISTI program is to provide certification and employee training in order to support the Washington manufacturers workforce.

“We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to offer these programs, and look forward to rolling these and other initiatives out over the next several years to help create the long term results we hope for.”

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