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NACCO Materials Group

"ControlTek continually goes the extra mile for NACCO Materials Handling Group. When a key supplier to NACCO Materials Handling Group abruptly went out of business, ControlTek rallied. Remarkably, ControlTek had a never-seen-before assembly in production and delivered to NACCO Materials Handling Group just-in-time. ControlTek performed above and beyond our expectations of any supplier."

- Jim DeToye, Purchasing Manager, NACCO Material Handling Group

At ControlTek our day begins and ends with reinforcing our customer relationships. Whether developing the latest CAN based control for a new design or working overtime to source an obsolete component, we realize the highest level of service is essential to helping our customers meet their requirements. Our employees understand that ControlTek's long-term success begins with providing superior customer service.

The development and manufacture of many NMHG products could not have been possible without ControlTek's dedication to the following:

  • Business Understanding: Successful partnerships hinge on understanding each other's business. Contoltek's business-oriented perspective enables us to realize our customer's product vision.
  • Longevity: Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with our customers. We want the customer to feel that ControlTek is more than a supplier, but rather, an extension of their company.
  • Close Communication: ControlTek professionals are very familiar with their customers and are open to meeting customer communication needs using a variety of methods. Telephone, fax, email, integrated web-based applications or face-to-face discussions are some of the tools utilized for close customer communication. Our customers are the most important part of ControlTek and we want them to feel at home with us.
  • Rapid Response: Everyday, ControlTek lives, eats, and breaths the pressures to perform at the speed of today's businesses. At ControlTek, ASAP is more than an acronym it's the way we do business.
  • Efficiency: Continuous improvement is a common mantra at ControlTek. We know constantly making our operations more efficient provides our customers a competitive edge.
  • Service Centered: ControlTek understands that Electronic Manufacturing and Design are services. Providing exceptional services to our customer determines if we get the opportunity to continue the relationship. We acknowledge this fact and work hard to exceed customer expectations.

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