NACCO Materials Handling Group - Transmission Controller


Nacco automatic transmission controller

"The design and implementation of NACCO Material Handling Group's electronic transmission controller has been a success due to ControlTek's proven design process and their commitment to achieving customer product goals. Their easy to work with engineers have demonstrated that they have the skills and commitment to create successful products."

- Alan Reece, Engineering Manager, NACCO Material Handling Group

NACCO asked ControlTek to develop an automatic transmission for a heavy load forklift. ControlTek began the design process by defining the scope of the project with NACCO Materials Handling Group.

Development took place over a 12-month period and required close coordination with NMHG's worldwide locations in the US , UK , Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

ControlTek kept in close contact with NACCO Materials Handling Group throughout the design process to ensure milestones were completed to the customer's satisfaction.

In the end, NACCO Materials Handling Group ended up with a superior product that made it possible for field technicians to communicate with the forklift to analyze and configure transmission operation in an interface viewable in five languages. This project is one example of the proven design process that makes ControlTek the premier design provider in our industry.

The rapport ControlTek has cultivated with customers over the years exists because of our commitment to the design process. The development and manufacture of the NACCO Materials Handling Group transmission controller could not have been possible without ControlTek's dedication to the following:

  • Design Process: The ControlTek design process in an efficient documented procedure our engineer's follow to develop high quality cost effective products.
  • Systems Analysis: A systems analysis is a feasibility study that defines the project scope and spells out product deliverables. ControlTek begins every project with a thorough systems analysis to determine our customer's product requirements.
  • Design for Manufacture (DFM): A design is worthless if it makes manufacturing the product too difficult or costly. ControlTek's design procedure involves manufacturing staff in the beginning of the design process, before expense errors can occur.
  • Prototype Review: ControlTek uses prototyping to ensure product goals are achieved prior to production release. Prototype review is the check and balance that gives ControlTek customers the ability to review product performance in a simulated environment preventing costly errors.
  • Materials: ControlTek's purchasing professionals support the design process by providing current information on component availability from product design through production. Their industry experience combined with ControlTek's buying power keeps component cost in control.
  • Firmware Development: ControlTek leads the industry movement to apply the power and flexibility of firmware to any product design. Firmware exists in many different products today and ControlTek engineers have the knowledge and experience to make it work for you.

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