New Equipment Adds Flexibility to ControlTek's Electronics Manufacturing Services


ControlTek new Heller Reflow ovens

Following on the heels of our recent investment in a Juki FX-3 Surface Mount Technology System this year, ControlTek has just added two new Heller 1809 MKIII Reflow Ovens and a 3 chamber Trident LD Automatic Defluxing system to our production facility. The new equipment provides additional speed and flexibility during changeovers as well as enhanced product reliability from contaminant-free manufacturing processes.


The new ovens have increased our reflow soldering capabilities and improved efficiency. The new reflow ovens were added to two surface mount assembly lines at ControlTek for improved standardization between our production lines; Heller’s unique changeover feature improves our ability to provide quicker set-up and greater flexibility during production, helping us serve ControlTek customers with low to medium volume, high mix assembly of circuit boards, cables, box builds, testing and electronic design services.


The new Trident LD Automatic Defluxing system uses an environmentally responsible, water-based defluxing solution with built-in testing technology that ensures our reflow soldering produces reliable and contaminant-free products.


The latest investment follows several other capital equipment purchases made in the past year that demonstrates ControlTek’s ongoing commitment to stay up-to-date with the newest technology available in the electronics contract manufacturing industry. 


ControlTek has been providing medical device manufacturing, electronic components manufacturing for industrial, semi-conductor manufacturing, aerospace, military and consumer products electronics manufacturing since 1971.



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