RoHS Compliance and ControlTek


RoHS Compliant Manufacturing ControlTek

Hazardous materials management, including the elimination of lead in electronic products, is a leading initiative in many industries. As a leader in the electronic design and manufacturing industry, ControlTek understands the impact of RoHS and specializes in lead-free electronics design, manufacture and test.

The ControlTek design group initiated changes to existing design processes to support both RoHS and WEEE compliance. Many ControlTek customers have to ensure that both new and existing products use RoHS compliant manufacturing. The critical first step is to understand our electronic design customer's requirements in order to plan for compliance in the design process.

Once these requirements are defined ControlTek's design process ensures new products are RoHS compliant by:

  • RoHS components are qualified for the new products as part of the standard design Bill of Material generation. In the future, changes to a compliant manufacturing process will be much easier with compliant components.

ControlTek also offers electronic design services to support updating existing product designs to RoHS compliance. This includes:

  • A review of the current Bill of Material with the collection of RoHS compliance information.
  • Updated PCB fabrication.
  • A replacement strategy for non-compliant components needed for substitution, which may include circuit changes and updates to the pcb layout.
  • A full certification documentation package development for each compliance design effort.

Our engineers also engage in WEEE compliance. We work with our customers to ensure compliance for the entire product life cycle. Many of the WEEE support items are normally provided as part of the RoHS compliance effort (material composition, etc.), but we also address product and material identification and labeling in reference to WEEE. 

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