Save Time and Money During Testing with ControlTek's Universal Test Equipment (C.U.T.E.)


C.U.T.E. PC-based test system

ControlTek's new, proprietary P.C. based test system goes beyond inspection to provide fast, reliable, economical testing to verify your parts' functionality.

Still on the fence about the importance of testing? ControlTek's new PC-based testing system proves you can now do more with less to make testing more efficient and cost-effective than ever.

The benefits of testing with C.U.T.E. are many, including:

  • Extensive test capabilities in a compact size - The compact size and impressive speed of the C.U.T.E. system makes testing faster and easier to deploy
  • Faster, more efficient testing - Every minute saved during testing translates to real financial savings for your business!
  •  The Right Test Strategy for Your Products - ControlTek's testing experts will work closely with you to determine what level test coverage your product needs

Learn more about the new C.U.T.E. PC-based test system.


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