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Design for Manufacturing Review Delivers Exceptional Long Term Savings

Design for Manufacturing Review

ControlTek’s design engineering team modifies a new product design, improving product function and manufacturability saving the customer over $1,000,000 to date in manufacturing costs.

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The Right Solution is a Team Effort

ControlTek electronics manufacturing

The products ControlTek manufactures are custom and complex. It takes an experienced team of experts to fully understand the many challenges of manufacturing a custom electronic assembly. Fortunately, employee experts can be found throughout the ControlTek company, experts who are committed to solving problems and delighting our customers.

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The Self Balancing Unicycle: The Big Challenges of Small Manufacturing Solved

Focus Designs Self-balancing unicycle

Focus Designs is the Washington-based electronics product development startup that has created the Self Balancing Unicycle (SBU). Focus Designs’ SBU is the world’s first self-balancing, battery powered, easy to ride unicycle.

Now in its second major design iteration, the SBU product presented a production challenge that could only be addressed through a tight manufacturing partnership.

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ESI - Electromechanical Semiconductor Box Build

Semiconductor box builds at ControlTek


“ControlTek plays an integrated role in ESI's supply chain by providing proactive support throughout the product lifecycle.”

- PJ Pingle, Purchasing Manager, ESI

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NACCO Materials Handling Group - Transmission Controller

Nacco automatic transmission controller

"The design and implementation of NACCO Material Handling Group's electronic transmission controller has been a success due to ControlTek's proven design process and their commitment to achieving customer product goals. Their easy to work with engineers have demonstrated that they have the skills and commitment to create successful products."

- Alan Reece, Engineering Manager, NACCO Material Handling Group

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NACCO Materials Handling Group - MIB

NACCO Materials Group


"ControlTek continually goes the extra mile for NACCO Materials Handling Group. When a key supplier to NACCO Materials Handling Group abruptly went out of business, ControlTek rallied. Remarkably, ControlTek had a never-seen-before assembly in production and delivered to NACCO Materials Handling Group just-in-time. ControlTek performed above and beyond our expectations of any supplier."

- Jim DeToye, Purchasing Manager, NACCO Material Handling Group

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Allied Crane - Navy Shipboard Crane

Allied Crane circuit board


"Finding a manufacturer that has the combined ability to develop test strategies as well as manufacture our product was essential for the success of Allied System's Crane project. ControlTek engineers have practical design experience and considered our test requirements up front instead of as an afterthought. ControlTek also provided skilled manufacturing technicians and dedicated test engineers to ensure every product meets our strict quality guidelines. We could not have been more happy with how the project turned out."

- Bob Norris, VP Engineering, Allied Systems Company, Crane Division

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RS Medical - Neuromuscular Stimulator

product design


From design requirements to FDA approval, the experts at ControlTek have continuously exceeded my expectations. Partnering with ControlTek has assisted in making RS Medical a definitive provider of electrotherapy devices.

- Mike McGraw, VP, RS Medical

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Control Products - Thermal Sensor

Control Products Thermal Sensor


"ControlTek has the rare ability to design my product, produce prototypes, build production units and then provide outstanding technical support - all with superior capability and service. Even after NPI, ControlTek continued to develop innovative solutions that have significantly enhanced my products value."

- Ed Renden, President, Control Products

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Home Comfort Zones Finds Ideal Manufacturing Partner in ControlTek

Home Comfort Zones temperature control

Founded in 2002 in Oregon, Home Comfort Zones (HCZ) is a pioneering energy management company that creates premium temperature control and energy-saving systems.

HCZ’s MyTemp and Emme products dramatically increase comfort and significantly reduce energy cost for homes and businesses.

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