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Watch Our 4-Part Video Series, "Test Strategies for Successful Manufacturing"

Missed our featured speaker at the 2019 NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo? Find all of the helpful test information from Engineering Business Manager Dennis Frey in this new 4-part video series from ControlTek.

In the videos below, Dennis covers everything you need to know about the planning, development, and implementation of modern EMS test strategies. This information is helpful for product designers as well as people considering manufacturing who would like more information about how they can prepare for the testing process.

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ControlTek Engineering Business Manager Dennis Frey Will Be A Featured Speaker at 2019 NEDME

The 19th Annual Northwest Electronics Design and Manufacturing Expo (NEDME) is coming up on October 2, 2019 and we are happy to announce ControlTek’s Engineering Business Manager has officially joined this year’s lineup of expert guest speakers.

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Dennis Frey Joins ControlTek as New Engineering Business Manager

Engineering Business Manager Dennis Frey

The new Engineering Business Manager role will be focused on building relationships with customers and interacting with internal teams to ensure electronic design projects meet ControlTek’s high standards for quality and on-time delivery.

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