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Choosing a Manufacturer with In-house Design: Do or Don’t?

ControlTek production floor

Ever wondered if it really makes a difference whether your manufacturer also has an in-house engineering team? In our 46 year history, we’ve seen many positions on either side of this argument. We’ve also seen just how ControlTek’s integrated manufacturing and engineering services have benefited ControlTek customers.

Below you’ll find our ‘short-list’ of just what your products have to gain by choosing a contract manufacturer with integrated design and engineering capabilities.

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Want Leaner Production? Start with Design

ControlTek’s Lean Enterprise Journey includes systematic, organization-wide efforts to ensure efficiency throughout our organization. That means for us, Lean Manufacturing doesn’t start and end with learning new manufacturing techniques. In fact, these techniques are just the beginning.

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New Growth Expected for Electronics Manufacturing in 2014

ControlTek EMS

2014 is just barely underway but we’re already seeing promising indicators for the year ahead for the electronics manufacturing industry.


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ControlTek's New Product Introduction: Bringing Product Designs to Life

At ControlTek, we have a shared passion for helping our customers bring new and innovative products to life. From design to production, ControlTek has developed the processes that take new product designs through production and onto market quickly while also ensuring quality production and cost-efficient management of manufacturing resources.

ControlTek’s new product introduction process includes the kind of transparent, open communication that’s become our signature, offering us the unique opportunity to become a partner rather than a vendor.

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Industry Highlight: Medical Device Manufacturing at ControlTek

medical electronics manufacturing and assembly

From initial research and development to testing and documentation, ControlTek’s services can provide assistance at any stage of your medical device development. Our FDA registered facility and ISO 13485 certified quality system provides an audited environment that meets FDA requirements and includes services such as medical electronic design (circuit, mechanical, PCB layout and more), product and pcb prototyping, and test design.

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Get More Out of Your Product Designs with Design Engineering at ControlTek

design engineering services

At ControlTek we understand that successful production begins with a well-defined design engineering process. ControlTek customers don’t just need a finished design; you need a finished design that offers a feeling of security, knowing that the end product will meet your requirements and withstand rigorous testing and end use.

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NACCO Materials Handling Group - MIB

NACCO Materials Group


"ControlTek continually goes the extra mile for NACCO Materials Handling Group. When a key supplier to NACCO Materials Handling Group abruptly went out of business, ControlTek rallied. Remarkably, ControlTek had a never-seen-before assembly in production and delivered to NACCO Materials Handling Group just-in-time. ControlTek performed above and beyond our expectations of any supplier."

- Jim DeToye, Purchasing Manager, NACCO Material Handling Group

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