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Why Veteran Owned Matters at ControlTek

Circuit Boards

Back in college at Oregon State University, I knew I would likely put my freshly minted Engineering skills to good use when I returned to my family’s business at ControlTek. It did not immediately occur to me, however, just how much the other skills I was absorbing--first as an ROTC scholarship recipient and later during both active and reserve duty as a Civil Engineer Officer in the United States Air Force--would inform and influence my role as President of ControlTek.

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New Video: Find Out What Working at ControlTek Can Mean for You

ControlTek employees are our most valuable resource and we are dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships with each new employee who joins our team. Watch a short video below to learn more about what it's like to work at ControlTek and the tools for success you'll find here.

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Strong Culture Drives Strong Company Performance

ControlTek Company Culture

As VP of HR, I have always believed the strength of ControlTek’s company culture has been a major driver in our ability to meet the needs of our customers and reach success as an organization.

However I also want to rely on more than just my gut feeling.

I needed to find a way to measure the impact our culture has on our business strategy, our employees, and our customers. I also hoped to expose the areas of our culture that still need improvement, so we can shine light into the shadows and continue our journey as a company.

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Workforce Development Benefits Us All

Workforce education and development are excellent ways to contribute to the overall success of the industry, region, and country, and benefit everyone involved, but only if we work together  to foster and support those development opportunities.

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MISTI and JSP Grants Create New Training Opportunities for ControlTek Employees

ControlTek manufacturing facility

ControlTek’s Kaizen events are just one way ControlTek is working towards Lean Manufacturing goals at our electronics manufacturing facility. ControlTek is also investing in employee and management training initiatives made possible in part through grants received from the Washington Job Skills Program and the Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council.

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