ControlTek Leadership Heads to San Diego for IPC Apex 2018

IPC Apex 2018

One of the many lessons we’ve learned during ControlTek’s 46 year history is that we must alway be prepared for change. Never has this been more true in the electronics industry, where the pace of change is rapidly accelerating to include new technologies, new processes, and the new skill sets necessary to meet the needs of our customers.

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IPC APEX Expo 2016: A Recap

ControlTek’s V.P. of Marketing and Human Resources Stacey Smith returned home last week from the 2016 IPC APEX Expo flush with new ideas and loads of great new information about new trends expected within the EMS industry in the next few years. We checked in with Stacey to get her Top 5 takeaways from this year’s event:

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ControlTek Executives Prepare for IPC APEX Expo and Executive Meeting

This month, ControlTek executives are preparing for the trip south to San Diego to participate in the upcoming IPC APEX and the EMS Management Council Meeting, where they will get a Macro look at the Electronic Manufacturing Services industry.


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