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Always Improving to Better Meet Your Needs

--Sean P. Neill Vice President of Operations

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Want Leaner Production? Start with Design

ControlTek’s Lean Enterprise Journey includes systematic, organization-wide efforts to ensure efficiency throughout our organization. That means for us, Lean Manufacturing doesn’t start and end with learning new manufacturing techniques. In fact, these techniques are just the beginning.

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Video: ControlTek Continues Pursuit of Excellence with New Joint Standard Certification

ControlTek electronic manufacturing facility

A Long Tradition of Quality

For decades, ControlTek has carried a strong tradition of commitment to quality and safety.

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Why Kaizen? New Slideshow Features New ControlTek Production Cell

Why Kaizen?

Kaizen events involve cross-discipline teams of ControlTek employees working together in a concentrated effort to improve a particular area or process within the ControlTek manufacturing plant.

ControlTek’s Kaizen events involve all employees working in one week sprints to find ways to improve manufacturing productivity and help reduce operational waste.

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MISTI and JSP Grants Create New Training Opportunities for ControlTek Employees

ControlTek manufacturing facility

ControlTek’s Kaizen events are just one way ControlTek is working towards Lean Manufacturing goals at our electronics manufacturing facility. ControlTek is also investing in employee and management training initiatives made possible in part through grants received from the Washington Job Skills Program and the Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council.

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Kaizen Events at ControlTek Promote Cross-Discipline, Lean Manufacturing Initiatives

ControlTek Kaizen Events

The road to Lean Manufacturing is long, but here at ControlTek our employees are helping us pave the way every day.

Our most recent Kaizen event focused on identifying products that could be grouped together into a single production line. By grouping products with similar cable assembly, circuit assembly or other electronics manufacturing processes, ControlTek employees were able to create quick-turn, one-piece flow production, reducing WIP time and lead times to deliver finished electronics products to our customers faster.

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