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Component Shortages Persist - Here's How You Can Help Combat Longer Lead Times

Electronic Component Shortages Continue in 2018

Late last summer, we informed you of market conditions that were creating longer lead times for some components.

As we move through 2018 we continue to see component lead times grow and prices climb as growing demand puts a strain on supplier resources. Although the industry is hard at work to address this market shift, the changes will take time. We expect to see these conditions continue well into 2019.

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Whether Your Products Need a Little (or a Lot) ControlTek Design Engineering Can Help

That’s because when it comes to electronic product design, our design engineers have the experience and knowledge to ensure your products will be ready for successful production. And that’s true no matter what level of design support you’re looking for. Some customers come to us looking for a full design partner, one who can take their big idea and run with it. Others may simply be looking for a partner that can support their own internal engineering resources to complete the design process and move new products into production.

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Spur Innovation While Reducing Costs with Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing

ControlTek turnkey electronics manufacturing

ControlTek can help at any stage of electronics product development but many of our partners choose to take advantage of ControlTek’s turnkey electronics manufacturing option to get the  most out of their manufacturing outsourcing

Turnkey electronics manufacturing means we handle every step of the electronics manufacturing process, including:

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ControlTek Tackles New Reporting Requirements for a Conflict Free Supply Chain

ControlTek has recently released our company’s response to new SEC reporting requirements for minerals classified as Conflict Minerals. These minerals can include tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold - many of the same minerals found in the manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards and electronics devices. The new requirements are effective for all publicly traded companies whose products contain these metals.

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Want Better Production? Start with Supply Chain and Materials Management

At ControlTek, our goal for each new customer and project we take on is to become a longterm partner that will continue to add value during every stage of product development.

One of the most important areas where we can provide value for ControlTek customers comes from our supply chain and materials management services.

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Counterfeit Parts Prevention: Materials Management from ControlTek

ControlTek materials management

The concern over counterfeit parts isn’t exactly new, but it is receiving increasing attention after the Senate Armed Services Committee published a report in May 2012 that went so far as to call the issue an “unacceptable risk to national security and the safety of U.S. military personnel.”

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Control Products - Thermal Sensor

Control Products Thermal Sensor


"ControlTek has the rare ability to design my product, produce prototypes, build production units and then provide outstanding technical support - all with superior capability and service. Even after NPI, ControlTek continued to develop innovative solutions that have significantly enhanced my products value."

- Ed Renden, President, Control Products

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