Product Prototyping


The Hidden Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

3D Printed Fixtures and Tooling

Did you know production fixtures and tooling using 3D printing can reduce your tooling fabrication costs as much as 50-90% by reducing labor and speeding up your products’ delivery times?

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The Right Solution is a Team Effort

ControlTek electronics manufacturing

The products ControlTek manufactures are custom and complex. It takes an experienced team of experts to fully understand the many challenges of manufacturing a custom electronic assembly. Fortunately, employee experts can be found throughout the ControlTek company, experts who are committed to solving problems and delighting our customers.

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Spur Innovation While Reducing Costs with Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing

ControlTek turnkey electronics manufacturing

ControlTek can help at any stage of electronics product development but many of our partners choose to take advantage of ControlTek’s turnkey electronics manufacturing option to get the  most out of their manufacturing outsourcing

Turnkey electronics manufacturing means we handle every step of the electronics manufacturing process, including:

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ControlTek's New Product Introduction: Bringing Product Designs to Life

At ControlTek, we have a shared passion for helping our customers bring new and innovative products to life. From design to production, ControlTek has developed the processes that take new product designs through production and onto market quickly while also ensuring quality production and cost-efficient management of manufacturing resources.

ControlTek’s new product introduction process includes the kind of transparent, open communication that’s become our signature, offering us the unique opportunity to become a partner rather than a vendor.

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"The Making of the Re Video" at ControlTek

NewKinetix Re

We recently manufactured the Re“ IR Universal Remote Control for a fellow Portland area company, NewKinetix, LLC. The RÄ“ is a plug-in attachment that transforms your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch into a user-friendly, full-featured universal remote control.

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