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Bike Thieves Beware! New BikeTrak GPS Security Device is Watching.

Bike shadows

As bicycle commuting soars in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, bike theft continues to rise along with it. More than just a headache for bike owners, the problem also presents huge financial costs for those affected—up to $50 million in losses each year in the United States alone. Start-ups like BikeTrak, Incorporated, may offer bicycle owners a new solution.

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The Self Balancing Unicycle: The Big Challenges of Small Manufacturing Solved

Focus Designs Self-balancing unicycle

Focus Designs is the Washington-based electronics product development startup that has created the Self Balancing Unicycle (SBU). Focus Designs’ SBU is the world’s first self-balancing, battery powered, easy to ride unicycle.

Now in its second major design iteration, the SBU product presented a production challenge that could only be addressed through a tight manufacturing partnership.

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