Want Better Production? Start with Supply Chain and Materials Management


At ControlTek, our goal for each new customer and project we take on is to become a longterm partner that will continue to add value during every stage of product development.


This value comes from our engineers, who work closely with ControlTek customers to prepare products for successful production, and it comes from our custom manufacturing solutions that we tailor to meet the needs of each individual customer.


One of the most important areas where we can provide value for ControlTek customers comes from our supply chain and materials management services.


The key to success for supply chain management doesn’t begin when we make a great buy for our customers (although we love those too!). We work closely with customers to determine a unique strategy that’s custom fit to their needs from the very beginning.


The ControlTek supply chain management system works by taking key strategic actions as early as possible in a new product’s development and includes:


  • Understanding your business requirements

  • Making strategic purchases up and down the supply chain

  • Finding alternatives for spendy, obsolete, or low supply materials  


ControlTek is well versed in finding reliable parts and materials, and our knowledgeable staff take every precaution in order to safeguard our customers from the risk of counterfeit parts.


Strategic supply chain management is also a consideration during product design and manufacturing. ControlTek staff work with you to ensure your products use necessary resources as efficiently as possible, often speeding up production and lowering cost drivers in the process. As a high-mix manufacturer, ControlTek has expertise in managing cost drivers and materials management that benefits both large and lower volume production.


Our materials management includes analysis for each material required in order to be as strategic as possible throughout planning and production:


  • Cost

  • Lead time

  • Life cycle

  • Delivery requirements

  • Production Flow


Read more about ControlTek’s Supply Chain and Materials Management services or visit our New Product Introduction section to learn more.


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