Want Leaner Production? Start with Design


ControlTek’s Lean Enterprise Journey includes systematic, organization-wide efforts to ensure efficiency throughout our organization. That means for us, Lean Manufacturing doesn’t start and end with learning new manufacturing techniques. In fact, these techniques are just the beginning.

Below we’ve outlined just a few of the many ways ControlTek can help you maintain lean production while saving money and building better products at the same time. Have a question about how Lean manufacturing can benefit your products? Contact us today to learn more.

Improve your designs with ControlTek Design Engineering

When you work with ControlTek, you have the opportunity to work with true experts in the design engineering field, experts who not only understand what customers need, but also understand the technical aspects of preparing products for successful production.

By addressing potential manufacturing challenges during this design phase, ControlTek engineers can help reduce costs and streamline the manufacturing process down the road. This may include changing the design to remove the need for additional processes such as machining or sub-assemblies, or simply choosing materials that are more widely available and, therefore, more economical purchases.

Get Strategic About Supply Chain Management

Whether you’re on the hunt for materials for a new product or looking to improve upon materials you already use, ControlTek’s strategic supply chain management services can ensure you save money throughout production. By taking advantage of our ongoing relationships with suppliers both regionally and around the country, ControlTek is able to leverage the organization’s purchasing power and make strategic purchase for obsolete or scarce components.

Building a Lean Enterprise is the long term focus of everyone in the ControlTek organization. That’s why every employee receives Lean 101 training opportunities and all employees take part in ongoing Lean initiatives. Click below to view a short video about ControlTek's Quality Journey, including Lean Manufacturing.

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