Watch Our 4-Part Video Series, "Test Strategies for Successful Manufacturing"


Missed our featured speaker at the 2019 NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo? Find all of the helpful test information from Engineering Business Manager Dennis Frey in this new 4-part video series from ControlTek.

In the videos below, Dennis covers everything you need to know about the planning, development, and implementation of modern EMS test strategies. This information is helpful for product designers as well as people considering manufacturing who would like more information about how they can prepare for the testing process.

Episode 1: Developing a Test Strategy

Preparation is everything and test is crucial to your success, helping you save time, save money, and build better products. 

Episode 2: Test Techniques

Get more information about popular test techniques to decide which are best suited for your application.

Episode 3: Designing for Test

Thinking about test early can make life a lot easier in the long run. Here, Dennis explores some of the steps you can take during design to prepare for test.

Episode 4: Emerging Approaches to Test

Learn more about exciting new approaches to test that are making it faster, more affordable, and more efficient.

About Dennis

With a professional background that includes a degree in Electrical Engineering, product and project management expertise, Dennis works closely with ControlTek customers to define the scope of engineering projects and to maintain clear communication throughout the relationship, ensuring projects are completed on time while meeting ControlTek’s high-quality standards.

Learn more about EMS test development at ControlTek.


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