Workforce Development Benefits Us All


Workforce education and development are excellent ways to contribute to the overall success of the industry, region, and country, and benefit everyone involved, but only if we work together  to foster and support those development opportunities.

That’s the subject of a guest article from ControlTek VP Stacey LaFrazia Smith published in a new Workforce Education special section of the Vancouver Business Journal. In the article, Stacey discusses the journey that ControlTek took toward becoming more involved in workforce education and development, one that includes involvement in programs that advance skills for students, employees, and even those who are currently unemployed.

In the Southwest Washington area, organizations like the Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council have been hard at work to create programs that connect businesses like ControlTek with the policymakers and educators responsible for preparing students for the real world. The programs have provided not just basic work skills but have also served to act as a connecting force between businesses and the students who may one day become their workforce.

ControlTek has had a longstanding commitment to workforce development, including industry certified training opportunities and student internship programs, with the understanding that education and training have long-term benefits for everyone in the region.

Learn more! Click to read the full article and find out what businesses can look forward to by becoming more involved in workforce education and development.

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