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ControlTek's electronic medical design helps an innovative new product reach the finish line.

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About Riverpoint Medical

Riverpoint Medical is an innovative medical device company that designs, develops, and manufactures high quality medical products for markets around the world.

The Challenge

The team at Riverpoint had a great new product concept but needed electronic design assistance to help create a new series of medical headlamps named “Chrome”. ControlTek’s design engineering team worked closely with Riverpoint to define which problems would need to be addressed to create a successful product.

To start, the headlamps would need a high efficiency LED drive circuit that could deliver large currents with minimal thermal hotspots. The headlamps would also include dual batteries implemented into the headlamp with cell balancing, fuel gauging and bulletproof battery protection circuitry. All would need to fit within a compact, comfortable headset.

Our Solution

Working closely with Riverpoint’s team, ControlTek engineers designed, simulated and built the Chrome circuitry on an innovative rigid-flex PCB assembly. This was then overmolded with a soft flexible material to form a complete housing. The firmware, also developed by ControlTek, incorporated a complex control algorithm to achieve the desired operation.

The Results

A successful medical head lamp with industry leading brightness, battery life, mobility and comfort, establishing a new pinnacle in the medical lighting market.

High efficiency LED in a compact package

ControlTek's Expertise Included:

  • Flex and Rigid-flex PCB Design & Assembly
  • Firmware Design & Development
  • Test System Development
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