A European Launch for Vaisala

Launching a new product is always a challenge. A new market makes that even more true.

Electronic Product Design

Integrated Manufacturing

The Challenge

Launching a new product is always a challenge. If that launch also happens to include breaking into a new market, the complications can grow quickly, something our customers at Vaisala urgently hoped to avoid as they began preparations to extend the geographical reach of some of their popular products into Europe.

New markets often mean new regulations. In this case, it meant ensuring compliance with RoHS and EMC regulations to meet the European Standard. ControlTek’s engineers would need to address this compliance problem but in order to do so, they would first need to calculate the device’s output to understand its current state of emissions. 

Our Solution

Utilizing the Signal Hound USB-powered real-time spectrum analyzer, our engineers applied their expertise to conduct RF and Signal Analysis to identify and measure the product’s emissions. Once the emissions were identified, our team could begin the search for a cost-effective method of mitigation.

Adding conductive copper paint to an already existing custom enclosure, ControlTek engineers created a cost effective solution to reduce emissions. Connectors and cabling were then modified for compliance and, ultimately, to make the products more manufacturable. Following these product modifications, ControlTek verified design and product performance by testing the products with local testing agency Element Materials Technology Group (Northwest EMC)

To further ensure products were fully RoHS compliant, the ControlTek team utilized the SiliconExpert BOM Manager™ software tool to analyze the product's Bill of Material to check for any compliance issues and completed a RoHS conversion to convert non-compliant components to lead-free RoHS compliant parts. 

The Results

The popular Vaisala products have made a seamless transition into the European market following successful production at ControlTek.

Launching a product is always a challenge. If that launch also happens to include breaking into a new market, the challenges can grow quickly.

ControlTek's Design Engineering Capabilities include:

  • Control System Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Circuit Design
  • EMI / EMC Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
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