GSL IntelliVault Pharmacy Will Call System

ControlTek engineers are challenged with ensuring continual operation to protect sensitive data.

Electronic Product Design

The Challenge

ControlTek engineers were tasked with the development of a motor controller board to interface into GSL’s system via an encrypted network. In order to do so successfully, the ControlTek team first needed to identify the right problem to solve.

Ensuring the continual operation of the controller’s function would be the biggest challenge. The controller needed to have enough current to drive the motor and still be able to draw a minimal current in low power mode in the case of a power outage.

Our Solution

To make sure Low Power could still be achieved during an outage, ControlTek design engineers designed the controller’s power architecture into several parts that could be switched on and off by the microcontroller. The microcontroller was also put into a Low Power sleep state with a RTC wakeup timer.

The controller accurately positions up to 4 stepper motors using hall effect encoders and can communicate its status and monitor various optical sensors within the system. If power is lost, the controller enters Low Power Mode. A Lithium-ion backup battery powers the controller for up to 7 days.  In Low Power Mode, the controller continues to monitor and store system information in nonvolatile memory while consuming less than 2 mA.

The Results

The result of the project is a motor controller designed with built-in safety features that protects GSL’s systems to provide additional flexibility and security in a small footprint.

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ControlTek's Design Engineering Capabilities Include:

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