JUGS remote operated pitching machine

The new machine is especially notable for its silent motor speed changes and remote controlled operation.

Electronic Product Design

Integrated Manufacturing

Baseball is one of America’s oldest pastimes but enthusiasts are still finding new ways to modernize the sport. Enthusiasts like JUGS Sports, the creators of the JUGS remote operated pitching machine, a revolutionary new practice tool that allows coaches to adjust pitching machine speeds to switch from fastball to change-up silently.

The Challenge

ControlTek engineers started by working with the JUGS team to define which problems we would need to address during product design. The flexibility of the new machines required precise control of motor acceleration and deceleration so they could quickly switch from fastball to change-up pitches. Motor noise would have to be eliminated to ensure batters could not hear the machine prep for pitches.

Our Solution

ControlTek engineers applied expertise to calculate complex software algorithms using measured back EMF and motor current to change the acceleration and deceleration of the motor that adjusts ball speed and direction. They also designed a remote-control and microprocessor to silently adjust speed and velocity so batters could not hear the machine prepare for new pitches. With the handheld remote, coaches could now make adjustments from wherever they stood on the field. A simple user interface allows selection of up to 8 different pitches and speeds.

The Results

The new change-up pitching machines have established JUGS as the standard in the pitching machine market. Working closely to complement JUGS own internal resources, ControlTek engineers were able to make design improvements that, when coupled with ControlTek's integrated manufacturing processes, created an enduring partnership that prepared JUGS' products for success.

In 2016, JUGS SPORTS batting machines took home the Best-in-Show award from the Collegiate Baseball’s Nashville ABCA Convention.

ControlTek's Design Engineering Capabilities include:

  • Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Design
  • GUI / UI / UX Design
  • Motor Control Systems
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