We Build Your Big Idea For You


Whether our customers need to build a unicycle that self-balances, set the world record for beer pouring, or solve a manufacturing challenge, we can be the creative solution to support the vision…

The Big Challenges of Small Manufacturing Solved – ControlTek helps bring all kinds of products to market.
  • We build your product so you can focus on the other stuff.
  • We deliver on-demand products for mass produced prices.
  • We achieve a 100% effective QA rate.
Use Our Toolbox – Your product can be built faster and cheaper.
  • We solve design, manufacture, and supply chain challenges.
  • We have the breadth and depth of experience you need.
  • We apply our experience to your specific industry challenge.
One Size Doesn’t Fit All – We design tailored solutions to overcome manufacturing challenges.
  • We balance cost constraints with a high quality standard.
  • We employ multiple test strategies.
  • We eliminate the need for independent environmental testing.